Terex Celebrates 75th Anniversary of its Digger Derrick Product Line

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of its digger derrick product line, Terex Utilities showed Tel-E-Lect digger derrick Model T15, mounted on a Dodge Power Wagon, circa 1956.

Tue October 08, 2019
Terex Utilities

Terex Utilities is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of its digger derrick product line, representing the company's legacy of innovation. On display at the 2019 International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE) was a Tel-E-Lect digger derrick Model T15, mounted on a Dodge Power Wagon, circa 1956.

"We have a legacy of being the first to deliver solutions that changed the industry – going all the way back to being the first to develop a mechanical digger derrick, with an auger storage bracket and a pole-grabbing winch," said Joe Caywood, director of marketing.

Established in 1945 with the advent of the Tel-E-lect digger derrick that mechanized the job site, today the company's derrick product line includes the Terex Commander 4000, 5000 and 6000 digger derricks, as well as the Terex General 65, 80 and 95 models continue to lead on the job productivity. Terex digger derricks are ideal for use in electric utility infrastructure (distribution and transmission power lines) and telecommunication applications, including digging holes, hoisting and setting utility poles and lifting other jobsite materials. Terex also manufactures aerial devices and auger drills for the electric utility industry and offers life cycle solutions such as service, parts and training across North America and the world.

"We also were the first to design many new features for aerials and auger drills. From the very beginning our products and solutions have come from listening and responding to our customers," said Caywood.

Among the technologies Terex Utilities showed at ICUEE is the Positive Attachment Lanyard or PAL device. The warning system is designed to reduce the chance of an aerial device operator elevating the bucket without a safety harness lanyard attached. Feedback from Terex Utilities customers contributed to the development of the PAL device. It was displayed on an HyPower IM LT40 aerial device.

Other innovations are the company's HyPower IM idle mitigation system and Load Alert platform and jib monitoring system.

HyPower IM reduces fuel usage and exhaust emissions, at a lower price point than other hybrid systems. By using fewer, more efficient batteries than other hybrid systems, HyPower IM decreases overall vehicle weight and increases payload capacity. It automatically switches from battery-stored power when the truck is in idling mode to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged.

Load Alert, which monitors jib and platform capacity and boom positions, features a new monitor display with full load chart. The screen now shows operators additional information to help identify when an overload is detected for either the platform or the jib or both.

"Since 1945 we have been working with the utility industry as a manufacturing pioneer – and plan to continue," said Caywood. "As we listen and work with our customers, we will continue to deliver and service high quality, productive and reliable equipment that support safe work practices for years to come."

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