Potain Recognizes North American Dealers for Offering Training, NCCCO Certification for Self-Erecting Tower Crane Operators

Operators Adam Boozel and Nick Knepp, of David M. Maines & Associates Inc., attended Stephenson Equipment’s training and became NCCCO-certified operators in April. They are pictured in front of the company’s new Igo T 130 that will be working in its roofing division.

Tue September 22, 2020

Manitowoc is honoring 12 Potain dealers for their dedication in providing NCCCO training and certification for self-erecting tower cranes for the industry.

Daiane Quinlan, Potain's North American sales director, said that these training programs are crucial for Potain to maintain its high standards when servicing customers, as the self-erecting crane market and demand grows strongly in the region.

"We're really pleased to see our U.S. dealers offering tower crane operator certification programs in their own facility or through a third-party partnership," Quinlan said. "Any new customer should find a turnkey solution from the Potain dealership network."

One of the companies praised was the Harrisburg, Pa.-based dealer Stephenson Equipment, which has been providing NCCCO certifications to customers for over 10 years.

"On today's construction site, NCCCO certification is not only important, it's a requirement," said Chad Jacobs, a tower crane specialist at Stephenson Equipment. "It has allowed us to provide full service for our customers with the most advanced lift machinery and also fully train their employees."

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is a nationally-recognized certification program designed to ensure that employees working with load handling equipment are well trained and qualified to perform their jobs.

For more information on the training programs, operators should contact their local Potain accredited dealer. Below is a list of local dealers in the Unites States:

Potain dealers with NCCCO training and practical facilities:

  • All State Crane and Rigging
  • Rocky Mountain Crane
  • Stephenson Equipment
  • Tipton Crane

Potain dealers that offer NCCCO training at third-party facilities:

For more information, visit www.manitowoc.com.