ALL Names Terry Hoops Minnesota Territory Sales Rep of Dawes

Terry Hoops

Wed January 19, 2022
ALL Family of Companies

Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, a member of the ALL Family of Companies, has named Terry Hoops its territory sales representative of Minnesota. Hoops oversees Dawes' bare and operated rentals as well as all equipment sales covering the entire state.

Hoops is a three-decade veteran of equipment sales, the bulk of his career spent in Minnesota, where he has developed deep relationships within key markets that rely on heavy lift equipment. For the previous 13 years, he sold boom trucks and was key in updates made to the popular Manitex 30112S model to make it more suitable for use in the roofing market. Hoops' suggestions included the addition of a tilting cab with a spacer in the turret to raise the cab and boom, where a roofers' package could be stored below. The result was greater visibility for the operator and a machine well-suited to roofing work.

"I pride myself on understanding what customers are trying to accomplish and helping them find the right equipment solutions to make it happen," said Hoops.

Hoops brings this attitude to Dawes' Minnesota operations. Based in Wisconsin, Dawes services the region extending into Minnesota as well as Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas.

Hoops is invigorated by the different types of construction thriving throughout Minnesota, from the energy sector including wind and traditional power plants to infrastructure work across the major cities to the demand for mixed-use high rises with retail and office space on the lower floors and residential spaces above.

"Customers who've worked with me in the past know me as the boom truck guy, but I've always had to defer their larger equipment needs to others," said Hoops. "I'm excited that now I can represent Dawes and be customers' one-stop shop for lift equipment."

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