Raising Standards Through Operator Certification

Sales Manager Clint Nichols demonstrates the maneuverability of the boom on the 38Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pump.

Mon November 13, 2023

Liebherr USA Co.'s concrete technology team recently hosted the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (CCO), a non-profit issuing accredited certification for those in and around load handling equipment nationwide, to finalize the practical assessment for its new concrete pump certification program.

For four days, Liebherr provided hands-on demonstration to CCO task force members using its 38Z4 XXT pump truck at its Newport News, Va., location. The attendees tested Liebherr's latest safety features including the XXT outrigger system and the recently launched XXA stability assistance system as they finalized the practical assessment procedures for the new concrete pump operator certification program.

Clint Nichols, national business manager of Concrete Technology at Liebherr explained, "Hosting the CCO allows industry experts to gain experience with our innovative equipment and demonstrates Liebherr's dedication to pump safety and training."

Liebherr, a technology leading manufacturer of concrete boom pumps, is playing a proactive role in improving safety and qualifications in the concrete pumping industry. Supporting safety standards Liebherr has been an avid supporter of CCO's operator certification programs, not only with the concrete pumps but also with the well-known comprehensive crane's product line, which rigorously assesses skills and knowledge to reduce accidents.

CCO's concrete pump certification is set to become the industry standard upon the finalization and launch of the practical exam. By actively assisting CCO with hosting events and providing resources, Liebherr is helping raise the bar for workforce qualifications. As the concrete pumping industry adopts more stringent certification standards, Liebherr aims to remain at the forefront in developing the safest, most advanced concrete pumps and ensuring operators have the proper training to leverage these technologies.

According to Nichols, "Our goal is to continuously innovate while working hand-in-hand with organizations like CCO to implement robust programs that create better and safer outcomes for the industry."

Liebherr's leadership and contributions will be vital in this effort. Assistance systems for improved handling The 38 XXT truck mounted concrete pump used for this training contains a 4-part Z-fold distribution boom that is easy to maneuver through the site and technology to support the boom and assist the operator throughout the job such as our XXT outriggers, XXA3 stability assistance system, and Powerbloc drive unit. The XXT outriggers built into this machine allow operators to move each outrigger individually, accommodating for narrow job sites with our narrow support options.

This technology also allows the boom to be extended over the cab, significantly adding to your working area. With the XXA stability assistance system, operators can create partial support areas and electronically monitor them throughout operation. Because of this innovative stability system this machine becomes available for use in even more applications that require additional support options. Additionally, the Powerbloc drive unit contained within this machine is designed to be a single unit, no longer requiring a separate control block.

Designed as the first real drive unit for concrete pumps, it fully integrates all piping, sensor, and valve technology into the unit. Built with less hoses for a longer service life and operator-friendly central service and emergency control, this drive unit takes the pumping process to another level.

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CCO task force members received training using Liebherr's 38Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pump to develop certification exams based on the equipment.