Tadano Debuts Two New All-Terrain Cranes

The ATF-100-4.1 has a lifting radius that exceeds that of comparable 121 ton (110-t) cranes by 26.2 ft.

Thu April 30, 2020

Tadano's two new all-terrain cranes -- the ATF-100-4.1 and the ATF-120-5.1 -- combine tried and tested features with innovations.

Operating companies, operation planners and operators can still trust in the economical 2-engine concept, the efficient crane control AML-F, the innovative Lift Adjuster, and the unique jib HTLJ – telescopable even under load, one of the options available only from Tadano, according to the manufacturer. And they can take pleasure in new qualities as well.

Among them, in the case of the ATF-100-4.1, a lifting radius that exceeds that of comparable 121 ton (110-t) cranes by 26.2 ft. High axle load reserves and the performance of the 182 ton (165-t) class in the case of the ATF-120-5.1.

Strong Lifting Capacity and Large Radius

The centerpiece of both cranes, which share the same superstructure, is the new 196.85-ft. main boom. With it, the ATF-100-4.1 achieves lifting capacities that are ahead of others by up to 100 percent for individual radiuses, according to the manufacturer.

The ATF-120-5.1, in turn, is consistently one of the most powerful cranes of its class for radiuses between 62.5 and 183.73 ft. A further quality: the high load-bearing capacity on the road. With a 14.5 ton (13.23-t) axle load, 11 ton (10.14 t) counterweight plus additional equipment may be taken along in addition to the 58.7 ft. jib with integrated heavy-duty jib.

Optimized for Specific Jobs

The agile and compact ATF-100-4.1 scores particularly highly on narrow roads and confined construction sites. With the versatile ATF-120-5.1, operators can do something that is not possible with other five-axle cranes – travel on public roads with an axle load below 12 ton (11.02 t) or actually 58 ton (52.91 t) total weight. And, even with 29 ton (26.46 t) counterweight both cranes remain lean at 9.02 ft.

Furthermore, the ATF-100-4.1 with full 37 ton (33.51 t) ballast still has a tail swing radius of only 12.46 ft. With a maximum 43 ton (39.02 t) counterweight, the ATF-120-5.1 still has a tail swing radius of only 13.12 ft.

Modular Equipment, Easy Handling

As both models have the same superstructure, the jibs (12.39 to 104.65 ft.) and counterweights can be used on either of the two cranes. Due to a hydraulic folding device, a single person can fold the jib transported next to the main boom and pin it via a crank handle from the ground.

Superb Utility Even in Detail

In practice, it is often the details that simplify routine handling for users. Thus, for example, the unusually large luffing angle of 84.7 degrees allows particularly small working radiuses. With a load radius of only 29.52 ft. at 196.85 ft. boom length, both cranes can be positioned very close to the object on confined construction sites.

While on the road, the new ZF-TraXon gearbox with its hill start aid ensures high comfort and low wear of the clutch, according to the manufacturer.