DICA FiberMax Crane Pads Arrive at IUOE's Training Center

FiberMax Crane Pads are engineered to optimize rigidity and minimize weight. They do not absorb water or chemicals, are easy to clean and simple to use. (DICA photo)

Tue December 27, 2022

DICA has announced that the International Union of Operating Engineers' (IUOE) Training Center in Crosby, Texas, has received a set of FiberMax Crane Pads to use with its two new all-terrain cranes. As one of the IUOE's equipment partners, these FiberMax 6x4x6 crane pads join other DICA products already in use at the training center.

DICA products on site include SafetyTech and FiberTech Outrigger Pads, ProStack engineered cribbing blocks and TrainSmart Pole Barrier Systems, which were provided to the center when it first opened in 2018.

The IUOE Training Center features the latest equipment and products. To support its new all-terrain crane operator training course, the IUOE has added a 100-ton Grove GMK4100 and a 175-ton Link-Belt 175-AT.

Jim Flannery, equipment superintendent of the IUOE's Training Center, said he first considered welding steel plate for the crane mats.

"But the cost of that was significant, plus that's heavier than the FiberMax crane pads," he said. The 6-in. thick pads providing 24 sq. ft. of area weigh just 570 lbs. each.

"FiberMax Crane Pads are engineered to optimize rigidity and minimize weight," said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. "They do not absorb water or chemicals, are easy to clean and simple to use. All pads are available in multiple lifting and stacking options to make handling and storage easier."

Dave Beck, DICA sales fitting consultant, assisted Flannery in selecting the specific FiberMax Crane Pads that would work for both new cranes.

"We provided them with the crane models, load charts and desired ground bearing pressures," said Flannery. "They plugged that into their formula and came back with this option."

"Crane pad selection is specific to the equipment loads and the customers allowable ground bearing pressure," explained Beck. "We provided a FIT Assessment for each make and model of crane to assist in the product selection process. This information resulted in IUOE selecting our 6-inch thick FiberMax Crane Pads to meet the facility's everyday lifting requirements."

"It's really easy to get the crane set up on these pads, which is part of the training exercise," said Flannery. "The crane is moved into position and sets up on half-extended outriggers. The crane pads arrive on a truck and the crane picks up all four at once and places each one, then we fully extend the outriggers onto the pads. They are also easy to clean. They should look nice for a long time to come," he said.

Following the initial AT crane operator class held in October, apprentices were impressed with the FiberMax Crane Pads.

"Yeah, they all wish they had them on their jobs," said Flannery.

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