W.O. Grubb Enhances Operations With its New Grove GMK6400-1

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc
(L-R) are Bill Grubb, owner of W.O. Grubb Crane Rental; Dean Spruill, regional operations manager; Doug Adkins, director of fleet operations; and Kris Becker, crane operator.

Mon January 29, 2024

Longtime Manitowoc customer W.O. Grubb Crane Rental received a new Grove GMK6400-1 in December of 2023 and immediately put the crane to work in high-profile jobs throughout Virginia.

The 450-ton all-terrain crane has already played a crucial role in tasks such as removing lock gates at the Deep Creek Locks on the Intercoastal Waterway in Chesapeake.

"We were keen on embracing the newest technology and improved roadability without compromising on lifting performance," said Bill Grubb, owner of W.O. Grubb. "This prompted us to upgrade from our reliable GMK6300L model to the GMK6400-1. With MegaWingLift and luffing capabilities, this marks our first investment in a brand new, large all-terrain crane tailored for the Portsmouth-Newport News market."

Grove dealer MGX Equipment Services guided W.O. Grubb through its GMK6400-1 purchase.

"MGX and W. O. Grubb have had a successful partnership for several years," said Bruce Austin, director of sales at MGX. "We are very excited that Grubb is adding the GMK6400-1 to their already impressive fleet. With the capabilities of this crane, I am confident that it will perform exceptionally well for them in the Mid-Atlantic region."

The GMK6400-1 is currently scheduled for a significant project, involving the precise setting of two precast panelized builds at the James River Water Treatment Plant in Newport News. Additionally, W.O. Grubb's Newport News branch anticipates a furnace relocation project at the Howmet Casting Facility in March. This project will require the GMK6400-1 with the main boom and MegaWingLift to lift an impressive 68,000 lbs. through the facility's roof.

The GMK6400-1 self-erecting MegaWingLift eliminates the need for an assist crane, streamlining operations and significantly influencing W.O. Grubb's buying decision. The crane's 450-ton capacity, powered by a single engine, enables efficient transport with the boom in the boom rack as well.

The Grove GMK6400-1's self-rigging capabilities ensure rigging time remains under 20 minutes. Its versatility allows it to handle tasks that traditionally require a seven- or eight-axle model. The hydraulic system, designed for faster flow, guarantees quick operating speeds and seamless movements on the job site, according to the manufacturer.

W.O. Grubb is a family-owned company with an extensive fleet. It has been a cornerstone in the Mid-Atlantic region's crane rental industry since its establishment in 1962.

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