Stephenson Equipment Named Master Distributor of Montarent Cranes in United States

Photo courtesy of SEI
SEI Sales Representative Chad Jacobs (L) and Cors Koopmans, CEO of Montarent.

Wed March 20, 2024
Stephenson Equipment Inc.

Stephenson Equipment Inc. (SEI) has been chosen to become the master distributor of Montarent Cranes in the United States.

Stephenson Equipment has partnered with Montarent of the Netherlands for its innovative line of mobile tower cranes since 2017. Building on this relationship has proven to be a perfect fit for both companies, as SEI is already a Manitowoc Elite dealer, and the Potain self-erecting tower cranes are utilized on the Montalift mobile tower cranes.

Cor Koopmans, CEO of Montarent, said, "We are happy and proud to make this Master Distributor announcement. Over the last seven years, SEI and Montarent's relationship has laid a foundation for success in the U.S. market. I fully believe this partnership will continue to grow the mobile tower crane market in the U.S."

SEI has been a partner with Montarent since 2017 when the two companies met at ConExpo. SEI became a dealer for Montarent's line of Montalift mobile tower cranes that same year.

SEI has represented Potain's self-erecting tower cranes for nearly 20 years across Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

As the U.S. Master Distributor, SEI will be the exclusive importer of the Montalift mobile tower cranes for the entire United States. SEI will be working with other equipment dealers across the country to set up sub-dealers for the Montalift product and grow and support the market.

Montarent currently offers three models of Montalift mobile tower cranes: the Montalift M21-4WDS, the Montalift M32-4WDS, and the newest model, the Montalift M30-4WDS. Montarent incorporates the Potain self-erecting tower cranes on to the Montarent four-wheel drive/fourwheel steer chassis, in agreement with Manitowoc, which provides the needed mobility around job sites, rather than relying on a truck. If the area around the jobsite is level, the Montalift can even move around while fully erected.

Chad Jacobs is SEI's tower crane specialist representing the Montalift line.

"Montalift Makes Lifting Easier! That is not just a catchphrase. It is the foundation of this product. When you combine simplicity with capability, you have a great machine. Montalift takes this even further by adding mobility."

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