Multi-Crane Solves De Zaanse Helden's Jobsite Puzzle With Potain Cranes

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc
The project’s confined space demanded meticulous planning of the crane positioning, hook heights and oversailing.

Tue April 02, 2024

Multi-Crane, a Dutch crane specialist, has deployed a fleet of six Potain MDT topless tower cranes for the De Zaanse Helden residential construction project in Zaandam, near Amsterdam. The project, consisting of 10 buildings with solar panels and rooftop gardens, will add 607 apartments and commercial spaces to the city.

Throughout the construction process, diverse construction materials including precast concrete, formwork, floor panels and steel structures require precise lifting and placement. Contractor Stebru Bouw, responsible for the project's construction, chose to work with Multi-Crane and its Potain tower crane fleet based on previous positive experience and the exemplary service provided by both companies.

The project presented a unique challenge due to its confined space. Multi-Crane collaborated with Stebru Bouw to meticulously plan the crane positioning, hook heights and oversailing, creating numerous drawings to optimize the site layout and logistics. Topless tower cranes were deemed essential for this project and the Potain MDT range, known for its versatility and lifting capacity, was ideally suited.

Multi-Crane's rental fleet comprises primarily Potain MDT topless tower cranes with CCS (Crane Control System). Three MDT 319 (13.2 ton maximum capacity), two MDT 389 (17.6 ton maximum capacity) and one MDT 308 A (13.2 ton maximum capacity) were deployed for De Zaanse Helden and have varying rental periods, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 years. The cranes have different heights under hook from 115 ft. up to 248 ft. and the jib lengths also vary from 115 to 164 ft.

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc

Stebru Bouw commenced construction in 2021 and the project is on track for completion this year. With Multi-Crane's expertise and reliable Potain crane solutions, De Zaanse Helden is moving steadily towards the goal of providing much-needed living and commercial space in Zaandam.

Commenting on the choice of Potain MDT cranes for this project, Ralph Breijer, CEO of Multi-Crane said, "De Zaanse Helden's limited space demanded innovative solutions. Our Potain MDT topless tower cranes, with their easy erection, excellent maneuverability and compact footprints, were the perfect fit. Their ability to operate effectively in tight spaces allowed us to maximize lifting capacity and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the project's progress and success."

Established in 1991, Multi-Crane is a Dutch company specializing in the global procurement, sales and rental of tower cranes, self-erecting cranes and mobile cranes. Multi-Crane operates on a global scale, serving clients across the Netherlands, Northern Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia and beyond.

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Photo courtesy of Manitowoc