Two Grove Cranes From Palumbo Heavy Lift Team Up for Spectacular Tandem Lifts in Naples

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc
Palumbo Heavy Lift used its Grove GMK5250XL-1 and GMK7450 all-terrain cranes to dismantle superyacht masts in Naples.

Tue June 25, 2024

Italian heavy lift and transport company Palumbo Heavy Lift used two strong Grove all-terrain cranes to dismantle long masts on a sailing superyacht at a yard in Naples. The yard is one of seven owned by Palumbo Group.

The Grove GMK5250XL-1 and GMK7450 teamed up to carefully remove 210 ft. and 170 ft. masts on a 213 ft. Perini Navi sailing yacht as part of a refit and refurbishment project. Despite the scale and complexity of the work, the two Grove cranes worked in perfect harmony to wrap up lifting within a day.

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc

Palumbo Heavy Lift's technical team was extremely satisfied with the performance of the cranes on this particularly delicate operation. Lifting in tandem to handle yacht masts of this length, especially on such a luxurious and high-value vessel, is notoriously challenging, making their success even more commendable.

"The two cranes did a great job at this yard in Naples, particularly the GMK5250XL-1, which overcame unique challenges with its long, 78.5 m main boom providing immense stability, strength, and coverage without a jib. We're proud to have Palumbo Heavy Lift as a partner. The company really appreciates the reputation, reliability, and local after-sales support of its Grove cranes," said Enrico Angiolini, regional managing director of Manitowoc.

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc

Working Together

The GMK5250XL-1 was formally handed over to Palumbo Heavy Lift at the GIS exhibition in Piacenza in late 2023. Both the GMK5250XL-1 and the GMK7450 were sold to Palumbo Heavy Lift through local dealer FIMI. The strong relationship between Grove and Palumbo Heavy Lift dates back to Palumbo's initial purchase of a Grove crane in 2011.

Over the last decade, the company has purchased several more Grove cranes of various capacities to expand its fleet and maximize the versatility of its offerings.

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc

Palumbo Group is an international company centered on the marine industry, with operations covering ship and superyacht construction, repairs, conversion and upgrades. It created Palumbo Heavy Lift to provide lifting support to its own operations and has since expanded the business to offer crane rental and heavy lift services to other regional customers.

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Photo courtesy of Manitowoc