Europe's Largest Ever Potain Top-Slewing Cranes Tackle Massive Gravagna Viaduct Refurbishment in Italy

Photo courtesy of Manitowoc
Europe's largest ever Potain top-slewing cranes tackle the Gravagna Viaduct refurbishment.

Mon July 08, 2024

Manitowoc marks a significant achievement with the successful assembly of the world's first four Potain MDLT 1109 cranes for a complex project — the refurbishment of the Gravagna viaduct near Genoa, in Italy.

The MDLT 1109 is a powerhouse in Potain's top-slewing crane range, boasting an impressive 44 ton maximum load capacity and an 262 ft. jib with an 12.2 ton capacity at its tip. It is the largest top-slewing crane ever produced from Potain in Europe.

The MDLT 1109 replaces the hugely popular MD 1100 with two main upgrades — a modular K mast design and the Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS). K masts feature individual sections that can be easily assembled and disassembled, offering the ultimate flexibility in configuration for diverse needs and efficient transportation. The design also enables the option of the innovative Potain Cab-IN internal mast operator lift, which improves access to the crane cab while retaining the traditional ladder.

The CCS, meanwhile, is a game-changer for precise and efficient operation, according to the manufacturer. The user-friendly system streamlines set-up, optimizes lifting performance for accuracy and speed, and provides real-time crane data and diagnostics that empower operators with crucial insights.

The MDLT 1109 cranes also are equipped with the new Potain CONNECT telematics system. This remote technology platform ensures high uptime for cranes through faster identification and resolution of issues, preventing escalation through earlier insight. It offers remote access to crane data for troubleshooting and fleet management, enabling Potain customers to get more from their machines.

Manitowoc deployed the first four of these giant cranes for construction company ITINERA, a long-standing Potain partner. Its mission is to meticulously dismantle and rebuild the 3,500 ft. Gravagna viaduct on the Cisa highway, a vital artery connecting Parma and La Spezia.

The project demands a segment-by-segment approach mirroring the original construction sequence for structural integrity.

Reflecting on the assembly, Manitowoc technician Cyrille Giamello commented: "We have assembled many Potain tower cranes over the years and were expecting a complicated job with these four MDLT 1109 units because of the impressive dimensions of the components. The work was certainly demanding but the final assembly turned out to be much simpler than anticipated, which enabled us to respect the deadline for the work."

His fellow technician Massimo Rizzo added: "The ease of assembly is testament to the exceptional quality and reliability of our products, and we are so proud to have been part of this milestone for Manitowoc."

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